Double Bunion Surgery Update: Days 1 – 20

For anyone who’s thinking about or will be getting double bunion surgery, this post is for you! I remember when I was preparing for this, I was scouring the internet for anyone else who’s gone through the scary process of not knowing what to expect for recovery time, seeing if it’s worth it, the healing process, and alllll that crazy stuff! So I’m going to write here the timeline so far of my healing process! July 6: Surgery day! Went in around 7:30 am. Didn’t get to the surgery until 10/11 am. The Doctors and nurses were all great. They taught me how to use crutches (the ‘4’ step method: crutch left, step right, crutch right, step left and so one). I got some nice yellow socks. They started the anesthesia, and then I was OUT. Woke up to some hilarious snap chats (see my Bunion Vlogs here). Day 0: Getting home from the hospital Was pretty loopy the first hour, but soon came to. They gave me Percocet, Ibuprofen, and a medication to help with nausea. Luckily, I didn’t experience any nausea or crazy light headedness from all the fluids or medication! Made sure to eat before taking any […]

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