How I Stopped Binge Eating and Dieting for Good | My Journey

I had always been active as a kid, and actually had hyperthyroidism which kept me relatively thin during my childhood, but I had radioactive iodine treatment for it in Winter 2013 to make my levels more stable and to avoid Graves Disease. When I ended my freshman year of college, I knew my hyper metabolism wouldn’t last forever (and it didn’t), so I decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. I began a ‘quick fad weight loss’ diet which promised to lose __XX__ amount of pounds in 2 weeks. Basically, it was a 2 week low carb/low calorie diet with my food being limited to protein, veggies, some fruit, and eggs. I remember a lot of those 2 weeks I would obsess over what I could eat after I was done with the diet. I’d look up delicious recipes, or healthified treats, and was pretty much obsessed with the foods that I couldn’t eat during the diet. After the 2 weeks, I lost about 10 pounds (ending around 103 at 5′ ft tall) and I was ECSTATIC. Except for one thing… I didn’t know what to do after the ‘diet’ was done. Could I go back to eating normally? Could I add bread back into my diet? […]

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