Double Bunion Surgery Update: Days 1 – 20

For anyone who’s thinking about or will be getting double bunion surgery, this post is for you! I remember when I was preparing for this, I was scouring the internet for anyone else who’s gone through the scary process of not knowing what to expect for recovery time, seeing if it’s worth it, the healing process, and alllll that crazy stuff!

So I’m going to write here the timeline so far of my healing process!

July 6: Surgery day!

  • Went in around 7:30 am. Didn’t get to the surgery until 10/11 am. The Doctors and nurses were all great. They taught me how to use crutches (the ‘4’ step method: crutch left, step right, crutch right, step left and so one). I got some nice yellow socks. They started the anesthesia, and then I was OUT. Woke up to some hilarious snap chats (see my Bunion Vlogs here).

Day 0: Getting home from the hospital

  • Was pretty loopy the first hour, but soon came to. They gave me Percocet, Ibuprofen, and a medication to help with nausea. Luckily, I didn’t experience any nausea or crazy light headedness from all the fluids or medication! Made sure to eat before taking any of the pills, because that’s a common reason for the stomach pains or nausea. Slept a lot throughout the day because the anesthesia was still making it’s way in my system. Luckily not that much pain!

Days 2-3: PAIN

  • These were probably the worst pain days in my whole recovery process. However, surprisingly, what I read in a lot of other blogs was that the pain was UNBEARABLE. To me, wasn’t too bad! Maybe I have a high pain tolerance? Or maybe the pain medication really works haha. I made sure to take the medication ON TIME. Every 4 hours I had an alarm for the Percocet, and every 8 hours I had an alarm for the Ibuprofen. Make sure to take your medication on time, because if you’re feeling the pain AND THEN decide it’s time for medicine, it’s already too late!
  • How I got to and from the bathroom – My parents would help me up into the wheelchair I got from Walgreens and I’d wheel to the bathroom

Day 4: Shower time!

  • Couldn’t get my feet wet, but luckily my parents have a walk in shower with a handheld shower head. I crawled into the shower, let my feet stick outside the doors, and just showered my calves up! Not too bad at all! Make sure you don’t get your bandages wet!
  • Pretty much the only pain I felt was when I was sleeping. Lots of restless nights the first week, mostly because I was on a schedule to keep up with my pain medication. But luckily I slept a lot throughout the days to catch up with sleep. Make sure you have some good shows or books to keep you preoccupied with the boredom that WILL come.

First Post Op Appointment – Monday July 11

  • My doctor changed the bandages and gave me some crazy moon boots to wear. Seriously, so stylish. He said if I walk anywhere, that I have to wear these boots to protect my newly broken up feet! Because I got both feet done – I got a matching pair or super ‘cute shoes’. And I look like Frankenstein when I walk 😛
  • He also said to move my big toe forward and backward 15x twice a day to increase mobility.

Getting antsy

  • I’m a pretty active person. I love working out and moving around, standing instead of sitting, going on jogs etc etc. So the first week was torture just laying down on my couch the majority of the day. Remember: KEEP THOSE FEET ELEVATED AND ICED! Don’t stand up a lot, keep the blood flow slow, and don’t let them swell. This will help the healing process – TRUST ME.
  • For ‘exercise’ I could do upper body movements and some leg lifts here and there. Here’s a seated workout you can start doing about 1.5/2 weeks post surgery!

2nd Week

  • Still keeping the feet elevated whenever I can. I worked a lot remotely so my days weren’t so boring anymore. Whenever I sat, made sure to have another chair in front of me with pillows and ice packs to elevate and ice any swelling down. Pain meds were gone, but I still had ibuprofen. The pain wasn’t bad at all really the second week
  • Surprisingly was able to walk more than I thought I would… not sure if the doctor would be happy about that though. Haha, when I first had my consultation, he figured about 3-4 weeks in a wheel chair, which SCARED me. However here is week 2, and I’m already able to walk! Of course – mostly weight in the heels and outside feet, no weight on the toes!

2nd Post Op Appointment – July 18

  • Walked into the doc’s office in my moon boots, and he was also impressed with how well I was walking!
  • Took of my bandages for GOOD, and I got to see an awesome view of the stitches (dissolvable) and the bruising left on my feet. Bunions are gone though WAHOO!
  • He instructed me to just wear socks, but continue wearing the boots for the next 4 weeks until our next appointment. He also gave me a timeline of when I could start doing ‘activities’:
  • Driving – about 3-4 weeks post surgery
  • Running – about 8-12 weeks post surgery
  • Elliptical – maybe 6 weeks post surgery
  • And I get an awesome handicapped parking pass:) Win win.

2 – 3 weeks Post Op

  • Went into work on Days 15-16 Post Surgery – with my boots. No wheelchair, no crutches. I sat with my feet elevated when I could, but the shuffling to bathrooms and meeting rooms and allll that put a number on me. Got home with hurting/throbbing feet and had to elevate and ice at night.
  • Oh yeah another note – at night in bed I sleep with my feet elevated on a foam roller!
  • After those 2 days back in the office – I know it wasn’t the smartest decision going back so early. Took the next Monday remote and worked from home where I could rest my feet more.

Day 19 Post Surgery

  • I worked remote Monday the 25th. Had to wheel myself to the coffee shop because I promised myself I’d do less on my feet. OH MYGOODNESS. Wheeling around DC is SO HARD. Not only are my arms KILLING me, but the scorching heat in these moon boots did not help hahhaa. Got a good arm workout I guess 😛 But yeah.. need to think about one of those automatic scooters…. or just have someone push me around 😛

And that’s the update so far!

Today, July 26, marks 20 Days Post Surgery! Will keep you all in the looooop with how that goes!

Top 2 photos – Pre Surgery

Bottom Photo – 3 weeks post surgery

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.36.47 PM

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  1. Hey,
    I hope you are well!

    I have just come across your videos ans this blog about the double bunion op! I found it so helpfull!!
    Could you please let me know how you got on after the last point.

    My surgery is due to be sone at the end of the month and id love to know how you have recovered since then.
    Can you wear heels?
    Does it hurt when you walk/run or on the eliptical?
    Also when you are doing weight training?? – squats
    I hope you can help!

    Thank you:)

    1. Hi! So sorry for the late response! I’m able to wear heels and use the elliptical and run now! I started elliptical about 6-7 weeks after my surgery, but not running until maybe 10 weeks after lightly. I don’t wear heels tooo often but it’s not painful! I dont think I started wearing heels again until probably 4 months after!

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