Welcome to my (sometimes un)balanced life

Hello everyone!

YUP. I’ve started a new blog. And who knows how long I’ll keep up with it… It’s like one of those journals that you buy and swear you’ll update everyday…‘Omg how cool would it be to start a journal, and then 5 years from now read about your life when you were young and carefree…’ etc etc.  I’d commit for the first few days, maybe even a week! But soon enough, the journal would be forgotten, and lost somewhere in the abyss in my room, until 5 years later I’d find it under the bed with dust bunnies all over it and think to myself ‘Oops.. there’s failed journal #98234….’ 

But I thought, WHY NOT try again, in the form of an online blog. I’ve got so many things coursing through my head, so let’s get this blog rolling and let the #wordvomit and #josieblabbles flow free. Sound good? GOOD 🙂

As you can see, I may not be the most structured writer out there, but that’s what makes it fun. Hopefully you enjoy what you read. I’ll post very randomly and sporadically… anything from blog entries to recipes to fitness tips and workouts to whatever else I feel like writing about that day!

Hope you enjoy

Welcome to my (sometimes un)balanced life.

– Josie

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